Beispielhaftes Programm eines zurückliegenden Auftritts

One man band                                            Leo Sayer

Where peaceful waters flow                       Chris de Burgh

Slip sliding away                                         Simon&Garfunkel

Country Roads                                           John Denver

Leaving on a jetplane                                 John Denver

Streets of London                                       Ralph McTell

The Boxer                                                   Simon&Garfunkel

It never rains in southern California            Albert Hammond

Mrs.Robinson                                             Simon&Garfunkel

Calypso                                                       John Denver
Comes a time                                              Neil Young

Blowing in the wind                                      Bob Dylan

Mr. Tambourine man                                   Bob Dylan

Yesterday                                                    Beatles

Heart of gold                                                Neil Young

Hotel California                                            Eagles

Pa u s e 1

Free electric band                                      Albert Hammond

Fields of gold                                              Sting

Knocking on heaven`s door                       Bob Dylan

Wind of change                                          Scorpions

Living next door to Alice                            Smokie

Father and son                                          Cat Stevens

Margeritaville                                              Gerry Buffet
Fire and rain                                               James Tailor

I`d love you to want me                              Lobo

American Pie                                              Don McLean

Let it be                                                       Beatles

Hey Jude                                                     Beatles

The long and winding road                          Beatles

Que sera                                                      …Volksweise

Pa u s e   2

Listen to the music                                     Everly Brothers

Mull of Kintyre                                            Paul McCartney

Let your love flow                                       Bellamy Brothers

Love is all arround                                     Wet Wet Wet

Wish you were here                                   PinkFloyd

Lucky man                                                  Emerson&Lake&Palmer

Hymn                                                          Barclay James Harvest

Apeman                                                      Kinks

Mabel                                                          Heinz Rudolf Kunze

Cotton fields back home                             CCR

Sylvias mother                                            Dr. Hook & Medicin Show

Have you ever seen the rain                      CCR

Vincent                                                        Don McLean

Tears in heaven                                          Eric Clapton

Pa u s e   3

For my wedding                                         Don Henley

Bridge over troubled water                        Simon&Garfunkel

Wonderful tonight                                      Eric Clapton

This land is your land                                 John Denver

Bye bye love                                              Simon&Garfunkel

Helpless                                                     Neil Young

Walk the line                                              Johnny Cash

Catch the wind                                           Donovan

No woman no cry                                       Bob Marley

Atlantis                                                       Donovan

Universal soldier                                        Donovan

Sailing                                                        Rod Steward

Mighty Quinn                                              Manfred Man

Lady in red                                                 Chris de Burgh


„Austria-Runde“  nach Wunsch

Irgendwann bleib i dann dort                   STS

Herz wia a Bergwerk                                Reinhard Fendrich

I am from Austria                                      Reinhard Fendrich

Wohin geht die Reise                               STS

Frauenmörder Wurm                                Georg Danzer

Die Gailtalerin                                           Wolfgang Ambros

Alla wie a Sta                                            Wolfgang Ambros

Großvater                                                  STS

A mal no die Sun aufgeh seng                  Georg Danzer

Gö Du bleibst heut Nacht bei mir              STS

Zentralfriedhof                                           Wolfgang Ambros

Zwicks mi                                                  Wolfgang Ambros

Fürstenfeld                                                STS

Schaffnerlos                                              Wolfgang Ambros

Früher war damals                                    Wolfgang Ambros

Wintersun                                                  Wolfgang Ambros